[linux-elitists] Press 1 for Linux support. Press 2 for...

Phil Hughes fyl@ssc.com
Thu Aug 3 15:54:32 PDT 2000

The amazing Don Marti wrote:
> Caldera is going to need a lot of 4-way KVM switches for the support
> department.
> "Moving forward, we intend to support OpenServer, UnixWare, Project
> Monterey and Linux as kernel platforms," Love said.

I was in the press conference on this yesterday.  Clearly they had to
say this in order to not scare people off but, here is my read:
  * OpenServer just exists.  A final release will be announced 
    soon--I'm guessing at Forum 2000--and it will be "supported"
    in terms of being able to tell people it works but don't expect
    any development.  Or, using the proper buzzword, "it's a mature
  * UnixWare, they claim, supports high-end clusters that Linux does
    not support.  This may be true--for the next few months.  What
    they have is an installed base and some of their customers
    have source code licenses.  They will stay with UnixWare because
    they don't want to port their kernel changes to anything else.
  * Monterey ...  I don't know where this is going.
  * Both SCO (Doug Michaels) and Ransom Love (Caldera) talked about
    how Linux will be the development platform and the Linux API and
    ABI will be ported to the other systems.  Thus, everything will
    have the look and feel of Linux.  SCO should be good at this as
    they made V7 UNIX look like SVR4 UNIX.

In the deal Caldera got 15,000 ISVs and a sales force.  In six months
there may be existing customers still buying copies of UnixWare or
Open Server but the new people will be going with Linux.  Support
should quickly transition to the Linux camp.

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