[linux-elitists] First up against the wall, come the revolution

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Thu Aug 3 11:49:10 PDT 2000

begin  Jonathan Corbet quotation:
> Parts of NSI are very slow to catch on when you move a domain elsewhere.
> We've been getting notes on how they're going to pull the plug on lwn.net
> immediately if we don't pay our bill.  Kind of scary, actually, even when
> you *know* that somebody else is handling the domain and it's taken care
> of... 

Well, at least it helps get us out of the obsolete habit of thinking of
Network Solutions as "the InterNIC".  These days, all that's left to
them is to run the back-end gTLD registry, admin the "A" root server,
and give Esther Dyson migraines. 

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