[linux-elitists] First up against the wall, come the revolution

Paul J Collins sneakums@eircom.net
Thu Aug 3 11:15:34 PDT 2000

>>>>> "Jonathan" == Jonathan Corbet <corbe-elitet@lwn.net> writes:

    >> Of course, I pointedly moved my domain to Domain Discover, over
    >> two months ago, specifically to get the hell away from Network
    >> Solutions.  And here they come, nonetheless, trying to
    >> double-dip.

    Jonathan> Parts of NSI are very slow to catch on when you move a
    Jonathan> domain elsewhere.  We've been getting notes on how
    Jonathan> they're going to pull the plug on lwn.net immediately if
    Jonathan> we don't pay our bill.  Kind of scary, actually, even
    Jonathan> when you *know* that somebody else is handling the
    Jonathan> domain and it's taken care of...

I'm always amazed and then disappointed when I hear of things like
this happening.  They have a big ol' database with all the domains
they register in it, and if any fool with a Web browser can determine
that NSI has nothing to do with a domain, why can't NSI itself?

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