[linux-elitists] Privacy micro-HOWTO

Emanuel Pirker epirker@edu.uni-klu.ac.at
Wed Apr 26 00:29:25 PDT 2000

Something I shouldn't say in the public but it somehow elite, so I do it.
A good friend of mine has begun building a wide distributed VPN on top of
different Linux boxes he has access to. It's both geographically and
network topologically distributed. Access is provided via different entry
points on both vtun and PPTP.

We like to call it "underground network". Data transfer is encrypted (ssh
tunneling as far as possible) and once you are in and you use a gateway
e.g. to surf the web it is not possible to tell who you really are (if one
does erase the cookies file regularly :-) The tunnels and a specific relay
server make it almost firewall- or blocker-transparent. I'm very concerned
on Australia's filter laws, if that once happens in Austria as well, this
system can be used to defend our freedom.

Of course in this case it is somehow linked to the specific person
building the VPN but I see this as an example how to build up a completely
new logical network on top of the existing infrastructure, protected by
steganography (ever encapsulated IP traffic in jpegs? :-) and strong
cryptographic, aside of censorship, filters, eavesdroppers and privacy

On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Don Marti wrote:

> Humbly submitted for your review, a quick-and-dirty set of instructions
> for the simplest method for protecting users from intrusive tracking.
> Suggestions welcome.

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