[linux-elitists] The strange ways

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Mon Apr 10 20:35:38 PDT 2000

> On Sat, Apr 08, 2000 at 02:07:15AM +0200, Aleksandar Radulovic wrote:
> > I've got hired by a Margmidlun, the largest ISP in Iceland (yes,
> > that very small iceland south from Greenland :) as a Senior System
> > Administrator (very cool tag)...
> So, let us know if they allow Reverse Engineering there, and if they
> recognize software patents.  "Actually, officer, it doesn't encode
> mp3 files, it just sends ulaw files to Iceland..."

Congrats on your cool new digs, Aleksandar.
> > Yes, I wanted to come to the States, but due to the politics
> > of the States and my country, the chances were very slim.
> > Shit, how I hate politics.
Maybe the politics between Iceland and US will be better for that.
I have no idea what restrictions Iceland puts upon becoming a citizen
(and at the moment, awaiting my hubby, probably shan't look it up
right away).

> We get the easy politics here -- all we have to fight are a bunch of
> wheatgrass-drinking movie executives and patent lawyers.  Have a 
> good trip.

You sure they aren't entrapped-grape drinking?  Or squeezed-and-left-potato

Hey there's an idea.  Anybody for vodka when Debian releases potato at last?

* Heather * star@ many places 

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