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As Seen on Beowulf...

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I can't help but add to the discussion the URL for my all-time favorite
status/load meter, the Moaning Goat Meter.  To quote from the website:

  MGM, the Moaning Goat Meter, is the ultimate sixty-ton cast iron lawn
  ornament for the desktops of today's hacker set: A gorgeous, highly
  configurable load and status meter written entirely in Perl. Serious
  pink-flamingo territory. <b>For evil geniuses only.</b>

Now, written entirely in perl it is NOT particularly lightweight.
However, the minute I get a spare week or two, I'm going to hack the
perl to use procstatd instead of systems calls or perl regex parsing to
get the stats out, which should lighten it quite a bit (back to the
weight of a perl-Tk GUI, anyway, which isn't THAT bad).  I'd expect that
a teeny hack or two could then allow you to build a "herd of moaning
goats" with which to monitor a beowulf or cluster stack, with the only
lawn-ornament sized load being borne on the GUI client (which won't run
on the nodes anyway).

Anyone who has a sense of humor and wants a small project should play
through.  I have about 147 projects all pending for that same two weeks
and have to roll a set of multisided dice just to decide which one to do

Anyway, check out:


If you do nothing else useful today, read the FAQ, which is hilarious.


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