[linux-elitists] The strange ways

Aleksandar Radulovic alex@EUnet.yu
Fri Apr 7 17:07:15 PDT 2000

Hello, fellow Linux Elitists,

Your's truly, the only Linux Elitist from Yugoslavia on this
very interesting list, in about ten days will no longer be
in Yugoslavia.

I've got hired by a Margmidlun, the largest ISP in Iceland (yes,
that very small iceland south from Greenland :) as a Senior System
Administrator (very cool tag)...

So, I have started preparing for my trip to Reykjavik.

I will write about my journey and everything very soon, when
I settle in my new place of work and living.

(as far as I know, Margmidlun company is running nothing
but Linux, although the owner of the company worked for
Microsoft about 2 years :))

Yes, I wanted to come to the States, but due to the politics
of the States and my country, the chances were very slim.
Shit, how I hate politics.

Long live Linux.

Best Regards,

system("touch x");open(X,"+<x");seek(X,900000000,0);print X "A B C\n";
truncate(X,4294967295);close(X);open(X,"<x");@abc=<X>;print "trashed\n";

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