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Thought y'all might find this amusing.

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "blue light special," n'est-ce

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FYI: thought you all might find this of interest.

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> Hey all...
> This is way off topic, but it might provide a way for some of us to use as
> pro-linux info... This is primarily geared to North American users, but
> rest of the world may find it intresting as well...
> Ever shopped at a large retail chain in the United States called K-Mart?
> (http://www.kmart.com) Well, over the past few months the company has been
> slowly converting the POS systems (point of sale) and such from older
> machines over to Netfinity systems by IBM running - you guessed it -
> NT...
> Well, this past Sunday (2 days ago), several hundred stores crashed,
> nearly all the major system inoperable... This effected nearly every
> in the store, all the way from the credit card terminals, to the
> check reading/verifying equipment, the inventory system... About the only
> thing which was able to work was the cash registers, as they are on a
> seperate system...
> Being a long, long time user of Linux (many distributions), I just had to
> literally LOL when this happened...
> Don't ask me to tell how I know this - let's just say on Sunday afternoon
> was personally affected by this... And I don't mean as a consumer... :)
> Since I am a member of the under-30 crowd, I am totally amazed when I hear
> that many of the regular university students in the US - your smaller
> universities - have completely eliminated all forms of superior operating
> systems from their curriculum... At the local university where I live and
> also the one that my girlfriend attends, the only UNIX-type systems left
> the ones found in private individuals dorms... Not even engineering has
> UNIX-type machines left... What is wrong with this picture? I have lived
> several distinct parts of the US, and nearly every case I find that the
> concepts of open source and Linux as well as reliable systems is virtually
> unheard of... Many of the computer science people I know have no idea what
> you are talking about when you discuss something far superior, say X...
> And, yes, this message is being written on a Windows 2000 Pro machine... I
> am required to use this as part of a cable modem testing I am involved
> with - although, the plus side is that the ISP is completely using Linux
> Alpha and Sun machines, and that the system admin is a *very*
> woman... :)
> Just my ramblings... Forgive me... Take care, and have a great day :)
> Moriarty
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