[linux-elitists] Invite / Ob Elite.

Heather Stern star@starshine.org
Wed Jun 16 19:35:00 PDT 1999

Any of you who happen to also be Star Trek aficionados are welcome to join
the second prelaunch meeting of the Shuttle Ada Augusta.  Its mission: To
explore the Beowulf Cluster, and do some Linux and perhaps other Open 
Source communtity service type things once we get established.  Bad puns
and thematic adjustments to our laptops are par for the course so far.
We meet on the 3rd Friday, approx 5 pm at the LinuxCabal (www.linuxcabal.org) 
located strangely near the Coffeenet (www.coffeenet.net).

Ok, enough with the public service announce.  Ob elite: Adding an IDE drive
to a system that was previously all SCSI has many headaches.  If it isn't
that your BIOS would now love to boot off the still empty IDE, (but not from
the second channel) it's that SuSE, once pleasantly installed, isn't nearly 
as friendly to the CD as it was during boot.  In fact in my case it hangs,
the yutz.  Seems it decided the CD is a module, but module services are mite
busy right then.  I should hope we've all been through enough installs by now 
to have experienced the ol' "kernel written to disk doesn't act like the 
rescue or install disk" fun.  I hate kernel recompiles.

And now, I have Jim's book to go back to editing.

* Heather * star@starshine.org * The whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... keeps on going,
                                 why does it do that?  "Oh man!  Did you just
                                 put a mobius strip in the shredder?" 
                                 -- the internet oracle

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