[linux-elitists] Laptop mania

Ben Woodard ben@valinux.com
Tue Jun 15 08:47:59 PDT 1999

You know one thing that I have found so weird here at VA is that
pretty much installs linux off of CD's. To me that is exceedingly
weird. At Cisco we _ALWAYS_ installed off of a networked ftp server. 
In my experience, installing off of the network always works better
for laptops than using a CD. It seems the installers seem to make
more assumptions about the availability of the CD-ROM than they do
about the availability of the network interface. Thus the late binding 
of the network interface allows you to more easily slip the card
services in underneath it. Also some laptops need some sort of black
magic to make the CD-ROM work and it is often difficult to figure out
what little bit you have to frig with to make CD's work.


> I've had an ongoing experiment with putting different disties on my laptop,
> and trying to gather notes about their misbehaviors.  (In the really elite
> notes, so far I've found that all the disties I tried have sucky installs
> for laptops, and some of them fall into the "worse than that" clause of
> Sturgeon's Law.  But I really must add the side note that my laptop can 
> only access a CD after PCMCIA services successfully fire up.)
> I wonder how many of the rest of you are running linux on your laptop,
> whether you actually tried more than one disty, and whether there's anything
> that you think the previous posters about their laptops (mostly linked at
> linux-laptops) clearly left out of their laptop web pages.  Because frankly, 
> once I make the page live, I plan to see it linked to a lot of things, so 
> I don't want to miss something 'obvious'.
> My plan is to go around all the ports in the box, referring to anything 
> interesting or annoying as regards each.  And I'll add some commentary on 
> PC cards that I've tried, tho it ain't very many.  Probably a direct
> pointer or even raw copies of applicable boot floppies for distributions.
> Definitely a raw image of the last BIOS update, since the normal way of
> getting it is (you guessed it) a DOS self-scribble to disk application.
> And of course the raw disk writing programs for the usual culprits.
> Potshots at the usual annoyances found in a laptop also accepted - if they
> don't apply to mine, I can always use 'em to sing its praises instead.
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