[linux-elitists] OK, I went off today

Deirdre Saoirse deirdre@deirdre.net
Wed Jul 28 23:45:20 PDT 1999

On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Heather wrote:

> 1) Its line lengths are wider than my screen in a few places.

I was gonna html it when I got done.

> 2) Very eloquent description of how you feel, but I'm not sure it will
>    convince them.  

Nor am I. It wasn't really designed to persuade. I've sent them THOUSANDS
of hits over the years.

>    Partly this is because, reading this, I'm not sure what is valuable to 
>    them.  And if they don't know either, it will be very difficult indeed 
>    to get them off the fence enough to choose to Do The Right Thing.

Well, for starters, my professor has agreed to accept my work in plain

>    I hope your appeal to reason works, rather than merely causing them
>    to correct their web pages so it no longer mentions telnet'ing in.

One hopes.

> 3) I wonder if they will accept your offer to re-do the interface in Python.
>    I suspect, however, that they will not raed it in sufficient detail to
>    find that.

Actually, the programmer tried to reach me by phone and then sent an
email. He's willing to work with me, but suspects it was my *professor's*
restriction to certain mime types that might be the problem. We'll
probably work together over the phone to solve it.

> 4) You forgot to mention the opensource spreadsheet and slideshow formats
>    they could theoretically accept, if they weren't busy kissy-kissying
>    up to M$.  Especially the non-roprietary formats which MS-foo could
>    easily produce.  Heck, you wouldn't even need fancy MIME to send a 
>    magicpoint slide file, though it would help if you wanted charts and 
>    similar bs.

Well, I wasn't going to bring up anything more complicated than allowing
open formats.

> Did they claim that you could complete a whole curriculum through them, or
> make any special noises originally about accessibility?  Maybe there is 
> some association that could cause more trouble for them than one annoyed
> customer.

Well, wait until I post all the notes from my accessibility-impaired
friends. Thus far, two blind friends and one mute friend (he's not deaf,
but a bout with encephalitis left him unable to form speech) have agreed
to write supporting letters.

> BTW, possibly applicable recent quote from lynx-dev:
> >>>> weenies who...
> >>> what weenies?
> >> weenies = web editors who assume that every browser in the world
> >> offers auto-submit, so they don't code up a submit button.
> > Real weenies use javascript so their forms cannot submit properly at all.

Heh. :)

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