[linux-elitists] OK, I went off today

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Wed Jul 28 19:57:26 PDT 1999

> Well, I decided to go off somewhat more eloquently. Forgive the rambling
> for now, but first edition is up (with minor changes from what Rick first
> saw) at http://www.deirdre.net/retrograde.txt
> Comments welcome. I was MUCH more frustrated later in the day.

1) Its line lengths are wider than my screen in a few places.

2) Very eloquent description of how you feel, but I'm not sure it will
   convince them.  

   Partly this is because, reading this, I'm not sure what is valuable to 
   them.  And if they don't know either, it will be very difficult indeed 
   to get them off the fence enough to choose to Do The Right Thing.

   I hope your appeal to reason works, rather than merely causing them
   to correct their web pages so it no longer mentions telnet'ing in.

3) I wonder if they will accept your offer to re-do the interface in Python.
   I suspect, however, that they will not raed it in sufficient detail to
   find that.

4) You forgot to mention the opensource spreadsheet and slideshow formats
   they could theoretically accept, if they weren't busy kissy-kissying
   up to M$.  Especially the non-roprietary formats which MS-foo could
   easily produce.  Heck, you wouldn't even need fancy MIME to send a 
   magicpoint slide file, though it would help if you wanted charts and 
   similar bs.

Did they claim that you could complete a whole curriculum through them, or
make any special noises originally about accessibility?  Maybe there is 
some association that could cause more trouble for them than one annoyed

BTW, possibly applicable recent quote from lynx-dev:

>>>> weenies who...
>>> what weenies?
>> weenies = web editors who assume that every browser in the world
>> offers auto-submit, so they don't code up a submit button.
> Real weenies use javascript so their forms cannot submit properly at all.

Oh, and I did a new rant to American yesterday, and got a reply back today.
The reply's a form letter, but all apologetic and how they're going to use
our feedback to correct it within the next few months.  Really gives me the
warm fuzzies (maniacal laughter).  They gave a customer service number to 
call whenever I need help.  

Thought 1: lamers.  
Thought 2: man, this is funny, and even funnier if I read it in a thready 
           little professor kind of voice :)

The subject was "Your website is worthless."  I think I was pretty eloquent.
I asked the postmaster to forward my mail to the CEO, and to whoever it was
whose job it is to take care of the marketing a website is supposed to
represeent.  I asked the webmaster if they needed to fire their site
designer (strongly implying, I already would have).  I'm going to web it up 
and throw it into my rants area on Starshine sometime soon, because in the 
next few weeks I plan to fill that area in with lots of my old stuff.

* Heather

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