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Deirdre Saoirse deirdre@deirdre.net
Thu Dec 9 16:47:28 PST 1999

On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Rick Moen wrote:

> Quoting Dire Red (deirdre@deirdre.net):
> > Actually, it reminds me of that section about business plans in
> > Cryptonomicon.
> In case anyone hasn't read it:
> Excerpt from _Cryptonomicon_, by Neal Stephenson, 1999, Avon Books, 
> ISBN 0-380-97346-4, starting on page 238:


Specifically, it reminds me of this paragraph:

> EXTREMELY SERIOUS WARNING (printed out on a separate page, in red
> letters on a yellow background):  Unless you are as smart as Johann Karl
> Friedrich Gauss, savvy as a half-blind Calcutta bootblack, tough as
> General William Tecumseh Sherman, rich as the Queen of England,
> emotionally resilient as a Red Sox fan, and as generally able to take
> care of yourself as the average nuclear submarine commander, you should
> never have been allowed near this document.  Please dispose of it as you
> would any piece of high-level radioactive waste and then arrange with a
> qualified surgeon to amputate your arms at the elbows and gouge your
> eyes from their sockets.  This warning is necessary because once, a
> hundred years ago, a little old lady in Kentucky put a hundred dollars
> into a dry goods company that went belly-up and returned her only 
> ninety-nine dollars.  Ever since, the government has been on our asses.
> If you ignore this warning, read on at your peril -- you are dead
> certain to lose everything you've got and live out your final decades
> beating back waves of termites in a Mississippi Delta leper colony.

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