[linux-elitists] Congrats

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Thu Dec 9 16:38:14 PST 1999

> I just wanted to say congrats to all of you at VA (or who have helped
> along VA's success). You've done an excellent job.

I'd say!!  Hotter than the last record IPO... dragged all the other Linux
related stocks upward ... might be credited for a boost in high tech ...
though sadly, another software company tried to IPO today too, and got
a lot of the wind yanked out of its sails.  (Now I gotta go read its 
prospectus and see if it looks like a hot buy while it's down)  And now 
some bigwig in the SEC is standing infront of the Mack truck labelled
"IPO" waving a sign, er, press release saying "IPO fever is crazier than
ever, and normal people ought to stay out."  paraquotes.  You want precision,
read it yourself on Nasdaq.com.

I can't wait til they finish wiring it up to the computer stuff so I can 
start watching the graph.

And while we're being elite, those who snooze, lose the initial offer
having been boosted to 140 instead of 50 or 100... if you want, and
you call to confirm.  Of course, we called already!  The staff said that 
decision went through at something like 4 am.  Must have been 4 am Eastern.  
By 4 am Pacific the market would have opened already.

* Heather

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