[linux-elitists] $9314 worth of beer.

Emanuel Pirker epirker@cthulhu.engr.sgi.com
Wed Dec 8 12:14:05 PST 1999

This VERY VERY overpaid. Why paying $53,593 to somebody who inserts a
CDROM, does some mouseclicks and then for each installed service pack
level N says "Yes, M$ has done a fabulous job so far but to actually make
it work we will have to wait for service pack N+1".

But when paying software licence fees, I gues $53,593 for an "admin" is
not the problem any more...

However, this is something where Linux truly beats out commercial
Unixes. Suits may calculate that Unix systems have a higher total cost
because administration is more expenive. If you buy a commercial Unix, you
really have to pay $$$. In the Linux case, the world looks fundamentally
different :-)



On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, Don Marti wrote:

> Attention Linux elitists:
> The SANS salary survey is out.  Two numbers you might enjoy:
>   Average WIndows NT administrator salary: $53,593
>   Average Un*x administrator salary:       $62,907
> I think I'm going to spend _my_ extra $9314 on beer to drink
> in front of Windows weenies while I say, "Mmmm, this $9314
> worth of beer that I got by knowing un*x sure tastes good."
> The survey is at: 
> http://www.sans.org/newlook/publications/1998salarysurvey.htm
> but they don't include the Windows/Un*x difference in the
> "highlights" because they're losers and they want to kiss
> Microsoft's butt.
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