[linux-elitists] [nick@zork.net: Re: [crackmonkey] Fun new header!]

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Tue Aug 3 16:04:41 PDT 1999

> ----- Forwarded message from Nick Moffitt <nick@zork.net> -----
> X-OS-Rules: Linux Rules
> X-OS-Sucks: Windows Sucks
> Quoting Nick Moffitt:
> > I suggest we all make this fun new header the standard:
> > X-WebTV-Stationery: Standard; BGColor=black; TextColor=black
>         Just add the following to your .muttrc:
> my_hdr X-WebTV-Stationery: Standard\; BGColor=black\; TextColor=black
>         Don't forget them backwhacks!  They're important.

Wicked :)  Rates right up there with my netadmin recipe:

	overheat the router/hub/wiring closet gadget to 250
	allow users to simmer for 10 minutes
	pointy hairs come to a boil
	let stew for 5
	set aside to cool; plug back in
	accept accolades

Not that I've actually *done* this but it sure got a laugh at the last 
LISA conference!
* Heather

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